Inspections and Testing

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Our inspection team will keep you in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s requirement that every fire sprinkler system be inspected yearly by a licensed fire sprinkler contractor. Our inspectors are licensed, knowledgeable and drug-free.

Why is Annual Inspection so Important?

#1 – Human Safety

Annual inspections of your sprinkler system ensures proper functioning and protection for your employees or guests. Many potential problems with a fire sprinkler system can be identified and remedied with a proper inspection. Failing to conduct annual inspections on your equipment can put lives at risk.

#2 – Property Safety

The last thing you want is for your business to be shut down in the event of a fire. The negative impact on your company’s reputation and revenues could be devastating. The damage caused to your property by a fire would be significantly worse than the water from a sprinkler system, contrary to popular belief. Sprinklers use only the amount of water that is necessary to put out a fire. Have your system properly inspected ever year so your business stays safe and up and running.

#3 – Legal Responsibility

State laws require that fire systems be inspected and tested at least once a year. It is recommended to inspect up to once a month. We fully inspect the fire panel, smoke detectors, horns, strobes, chimes, etc. Francis Fire Sprinkler works with you to schedule inspections that do not interfere with you busy operating hours. Each year, our highly skilled teams examine many new and existing fire safety systems to validate optimal system operation, response times and operation of automatic sprinkler alarm systems.

#4 – Cost

The cost of an annual sprinkler inspection is not as much as you think. The size of your property and the amount of sprinkler heads in your facility all factor into how long it will take to perform the sprinkler inspection. For an accurate estimation, you can call us directly for one over the phone and schedule a time for us to come out and evaluate your property.

#5 – Insurance Requirements

In the event of a fire, insurance companies will investigate for any negligence before paying out insurance claims. One of the first things they check for is if your system has been properly inspected. If you have a fire at your facility and you neglected to have your fire sprinkler inspection completed, your claim could be rejected.

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